Fran and Rick

"We have been sending Riley to Sleepwalkies for half day care since January 2016. Riley was only a puppy when started going to Sleepwalkies, and because of their positive influence, patience and the socialisation he has with other dogs, his behavior, personality and obedience/training has improved to no end. We are so proud of the dog he is now and that has a lot to do with the influence Carl and Tracey have had.


Riley gets so excited every time Carl and Tracey pick him up; you can see from his reaction that he cannot wait to get out and about with them and the other dogs. We, as doggy ‘parents’ feel happy and confident that Riley is in a safe, happy environment with very capable people every time he goes out with Sleepwalkies. We recommend them to everyone and wouldn’t send Riley anywhere else."


Matt and Lizzie

"Percy has loved going for walks with Sleepwalkies for a couple of years now. He first started going when he was a puppy and we were a little nervous as to how he would get on, especially as he's a small pup! But straight away from meeting Carl and Tracey we knew he'd be well looked after. 


It's really helped to bring on his socalisation skills as he can be a little nervous at times and it gives him the chance to have a real good run about! He is so excited when Tracey and Carl come to pick him up, not just for his walk, but also to see them which in itself, shows how much they mean to him. 


Percy means the world to us and there is only one place we would send him for walks and daycare and that is Sleepwalkies."


Sonia and Andy 

"We highly recommend Sleepwalkies for both dog day and holiday care.  Mango, our Lurcher, loves the whole Sleepwalkies family and after her holiday breaks with them, just doesn't want to come home.  She had so much fun, walks and company.  Mango rapturously and adoringly greets Tracey and Carl when they come to collect her for walks and their response is clearly mutual. 


They truly love our fury friends! If Mango is on one of our own family walks and she senses the presence of either Carl or Tracey she will bolt straight to them, with a highly excited waggy tail.  You can't put it into words.  Thank you, Sleepwalkies, for being there for Mango!" 

Peiper and Lily

Emma and Sam

"Sleepwalkies come highly recommended by us! They are lovely people who know and understand dogs really well and clearly love them too which we could tell within a few minutes of meeting them. We felt completely at ease leaving our 2 dogs with them for a week and we could tell they'd had a great time when we collected them! We will most definitely book in again with Sleepwalkies in the future - they were really fantastic."

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